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Smart Agriculture How to Empower Traditional Agriculture

Smart Agriculture How to Empower Traditional Agriculture

【概要描述】At the end of last month, the first peasant harvest festival ended, and the rich quality of agricultural products made people shine. Nowadays, the joy of harvest has not subsided, and the story behind

Smart Agriculture How to Empower Traditional Agriculture

【概要描述】At the end of last month, the first peasant harvest festival ended, and the rich quality of agricultural products made people shine. Nowadays, the joy of harvest has not subsided, and the story behind

At the end of last month, the first peasant harvest festival ended, and the rich quality of agricultural products made people shine.Nowadays, the joy of harvest has not subsided. and the story behind the harvest is slowly emerging. Relying on smart agriculture, agricultural production has taken on a new shape. Recently,the reporter approached the industrial scale of the billion-dollar wisdom agriculture to see how it empowered traditional agriculture.
"Order agriculture" big data, let agricultural production "know the sky"
In September this year, in Qilian County. Yibin City, Sichuan Province, Huang Rendeng, a 50-year-old villager, looked at the land where he had just harvested flue-cured tobacco and looked forward to the next wave of green head cultivation.
Qilian County is a traditional flue-cured tobacco growing area. Farmers only planted a season of flue-cured tobacco in the past year. But last year, under the guidance of the “Order Agriculture” big data of a Chongqing company, they first planted flue-cured tobacco and green vegetables. Then, the green vegetables they planted were shipped to Chongqing Fuling Mustard Group,and after processing,they became a world-famous food – Chongqing mustard.
"This application of big data has enabled the mustard enterprises to obtain high-quality raw material supply.the price is more than 10% cheaper than the vegetable traders, Qilian County has increased nearly 40 million yuan, and the per capita income of the growers has increased by more than 6000 yuan." October 17, reporter When he met the founder of the Earth Network, Huang Zuyu. he unveiled the mystery of “order farming” to reporters.
"Order Agriculture" provides precise service
“Order Agriculture” provides precise order matching and scientific planting decisions, that is, first to find orders, then find land, find farmers to customize farming, and support a series of planting services.
Take the raw vegetables of pickled vegetables as an example. It has the same cycle as all agricultural products. The supply of Fengnian manufacturers is guaranteed and the price is low. However, the farmers will reduce planting and reduce production in the next year. At that time, manufacturers will not only have insufficient supply, but only purchase at high prices, and the next year. The peasants will expand their production... so a vicious circle. But if you use "order farming," the situation will be completely different.
At the beginning of the year, they discovered the demand for the vegetable heads of the mustard producers.
“When manufacturers need to stabilize their supply, farmers need to stabilize their sales. We just connect the two sides together.” Huang Zuyu said that after determining the demand of mustard producers, based on big data analysis, the country has found historical indicators such as historical climate and soil pH. A group of counties and cities that can meet the conditions for planting heads of green vegetables, according to the local crop planting cycle, hold orders and talk with the local agricultural department to determine the final location and planting scale.
As a result, Qilian County and Chongqing mustard have successfully "married." In the subsequent cultivation of green vegetables, big data can be seen everywhere.
Financial big data effectively solves problems
Farmers need money to develop agriculture. Jingdong Finance and Geotechnical Network use the financial big data model to form a standard big data user portrait, so that financial institutions can identify whether they can make loans or dare to lend. In agricultural planting, planting technicians supervise planting, promote standardized production, timely discover and help farmers solve problems according to the requirements of mustard manufacturers, install electronic “straw people” in the ground, take a photo every 15 minutes, record all day Data such as air humidity, light and air pressure.
“Using the collected crop data to establish a crop growth model and disease diagnosis model to monitor the growth of crops, and if there are pests and diseases, promptly warn the technicians and match the precise treatment plan.” Huang Zuyu told reporters that after the harvest, the market The supply and demand model can also predict the price fluctuations of crops and estimate a reasonable price for agricultural products, so that farmers and acquisition companies do not suffer.
Through the application of a series of big data, farmers are allowed to get orders first, and then cultivated, solving the dilemma of agricultural products production and marketing. The earth-collecting network has also harvested a total of four rounds of investment including several billions of shares in Temasek's Xiangfeng Capital, Jingdong and China-Israel Agricultural Industry Funds. At present, the platform has a land of 350 million mu, successfully transferred to nearly 50 million mu, and the managed land area is 1120. Ten thousand mu has provided order services for 1.2 million farmers.


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